Employment Opportunities



The Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra welcomes applications for Concertmaster to begin fall of 2022. The concertmaster works in partnership with Artistic Director, Barthold Kuijken, on two projects per year, and works with the artistic committee and collaborating organizations to program and execute four additional projects per season.  


Concertmaster Role and Responsibilities: 
     - Lead the two projects per season with Artistic Director, Barthold Kuijken (concerts and/or recordings).
     - Lead at least two of the other four projects: Passions, Messiah etc., with another conductor; or in       
       smaller ensembles without conductor
     - Choose and elaborate independent, undirected IBO programs in collaboration with the Artistic
     - Bow string parts for all concerts (may be in collaboration with artistic director) 
     - Be prepared to take solo concertante violin parts in different programs.
     - Lead rehearsal and programs in the absence of the artistic director.
     - Concertmaster will serve as member of the IBO Artistic Committee


Application Requirements and Timeline: 
     - First round application will open on July 7, 2021 and be due August 8, 2021
     - Required first round materials 
          - Resume or CV 
          - 2 required, unedited video recordings 
                1. Solo recording: unaccompanied violin or solo with continuo
                2. Ensemble recording: may be chamber music or orchestral in nature - 
                    preferably will demonstrate applicant’s ability to lead while playing 
     - Finalists will be selected and notified by August 30, 2021
     - Final auditions will take place in Indianapolis October 20-21, 2021. Final audition process will include     
       working with IBO artistic director and chamber ensemble in an rehearsal atmosphere. 

How to apply: 

Interested applicants should materials via Google Form Application by 11:59pm (EST) on August 8, 2021. Please contact Paulina (director@indybaroque.org) with questions about the position or application process.


Additional Application Notes: 
- While applicants from outside the U.S. are welcome to apply, IndyBaroque cannot offer support in obtaining a U.S. work visa to whoever holds the concertmaster position. Applicants must have an independent visa or work permit in the U.S.


Personnel Manager (Project-based Position)


The Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra seeks to hire a new personnel manager to begin September 1, 2021. The personnel manager is responsible for contracting personnel for all IBO concerts, building rehearsal schedules, and music librarian duties - see full description below. This position is open to current members of the Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra and to arts administrators. 


Personnel Manager Role and Responsibilities:

- Contract musicians for all IBO concerts and projects, including date holds and contract distribution
- Maintain project excel sheets with personnel, travel needs, and anticipated costs 
- Responsible for coordinating rehearsal spaces and creating rehearsal schedules
- Advise concert venues on stage set up and other ensemble needs
- Maintain project sheets for musicians, complete with program order, personnel, schedule,         
   tuning/temperament, etc. 
- Work with general manager to coordinate musician travel arrangements 
- Work with artistic director to curate list of musicians to hire and hiring order
- Work with artistic committee and general manager to provide program information for printing

        - $500 per project, 5-7 projects per season


How to apply:

Interested applicants should submit materials via Google Form Application by July 15, 2021. Please contact Paulina (director[at]indybaroque.org) with questions about the position or application process. 


It is and will continue to be the policy of IndyBaroque Music, Inc. that all persons are entitled to equal

employment opportunity based on their individual qualifications, performance, and potential without regard for their race, color, sex, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, religion, age, national origin,

ancestry, disability (physical, mental or sensory), medical condition, veteran status or genetic information, as

required by state and federal law.

In compliance with the provisions of applicable state and federal civil rights laws, every effort will be made to employ the most qualified individuals without regard to the above factors and to provide reasonable

accommodation to the disabilities and religious practices of individuals. Additionally, it is our policy to provide promotion and advancement opportunities in a non-discriminatory fashion. Any individual who believes he/she has been discriminated against should immediately contact either the Ensemble Manager, Board President or General Manager



We accept audition materials on a rolling basis from instrumentalists who specialize in historical performance and play on period instruments.


Please send resume and recordings to director@indybaroque.org