Employment Opportunities

General Manager (half-time position)


The General Manager (GM) oversees all administrative, marketing, production, and financial functions of

IndyBaroque Music, Inc. Reporting to the Board of Directors through the President, the General Manger will

have excellent writing and communication skills, the ability to work independently, and strong organizational capacity. The GM will have experience with budget creation and management (including QuickBooks), planning, budgeting/financial tracking, contract management, accounting, and schedule tracking.


The primary role of the GM is to:

- Oversee day-to-day business operations

- Represent and advocate for the IBO in an effort to continually enhance its image, visibility, and influence across the community. This includes taking an active role soliciting corporate donations, sponsorships, and individual donations.

- Meet or exceed earned revenue goals (subscriptions/ ticket sales).


The ideal candidate will be an energetic, detail-oriented, and collaborative individual. This person will bring a combination of communications, business management, and marketing skills along with an excitement for the performing arts and for the benefits the arts bring to the community. This is a half-time position.


Roles and Responsibilities

- Coordinate contracting, scheduling and use of the venues (rehearsal space/performance venues) in

collaboration with the Ensemble Manager.

- Attend all performances and events as supervisor to manage accurate accounting and cash receipts and to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for staff, patrons, and artists.

- Work with the President and Board of Directors to effectively promote the IBO productions by engaging in marketing and public relations activities via website, e-mail, social media, word-of-mouth, paid advertising, and media opportunities.

- Work with the President to develop relationships with local arts organizations and seek opportunities

for collaboration.

- Hire, contract, and effectively manage production/volunteer teams for various performances, including contract labor and volunteers.

- Maintain positive ongoing working relationship and effective communication with the executive

committee, contract staff, and the Board of Directors.

- Participate in various board committees, such as Finance and Marketing.

- Assist the President and Board of Directors with the development and administration of the annual


- Track, record, and be responsible for administrative expenses, production income and expenses,

fundraising revenue, and other earned revenue (CDs, merchandise)

- Assist with approval and payment of bills on a timely basis and maintenance of financial records in


- Monthly financial reporting and forecasting, capital spending, and expenditures review and approval in cooperation with the Board of Directors.

- Supervise office administration and operations including maintaining all business files and records.


Minimum Qualifications

- Bachelor’s Degree in Arts Administration, Business or related area

- Demonstrated understanding of the complex nature of arts organizations and familiarity with classical


- Experience and demonstrated success in managing projects related to institutional image building, marketing, external relations and fundraising.

- Basic knowledge of areas such as business management, front-of-house, and box office operations

- Proficiency with technology including Microsoft Office Suite and other word processing and database

programs, and social media


Preferred Qualifications

- Experience producing classical performing arts

- At least two years of arts administration experience

- Marketing/PR experience such as writing press releases, social media, graphic design, etc

- Experience maintaining website platform like Wix, Squarespace, etc.



- Remote work for regular office duties

- Attendance required for performances and events (following recommended CDC precautions)

- Some in-person meetings with donors, sponsors, granting agencies (following recommended CDC




- Part time: 20 hours per week

- Flexible daytime hours

- Some evenings and weekends required



Commensurate with experience


How to apply:

- Send application materials (cover letter and resume) to director@indybaroque.org

- Applications must be received by December 5, 2020

- Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and the position may be filled at anytime



It is and will continue to be the policy of IndyBaroque Music, Inc. that all persons are entitled to equal

employment opportunity based on their individual qualifications, performance, and potential without regard for their race, color, sex, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, religion, age, national origin,

ancestry, disability (physical, mental or sensory), medical condition, veteran status or genetic information, as

required by state and federal law.

In compliance with the provisions of applicable state and federal civil rights laws, every effort will be made to employ the most qualified individuals without regard to the above factors and to provide reasonable

accommodation to the disabilities and religious practices of individuals. Additionally, it is our policy to provide promotion and advancement opportunities in a non-discriminatory fashion. Any individual who believes he/she has been discriminated against should immediately contact either the Ensemble Manager or President and CEO.