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The Colorful Telemann

Released 2020

The Colourful Telemann presents works from different periods of Georg Philipp Telemann’s life, reflecting his lively personality and exploring his seemingly unlimited invention over a wide variety of styles and genres. A contemporary of Bach and Handel, Telemann wrote music that stands out for its delightful and remarkably generous character, each piece like a leisurely walk with a good friend. From the German and French influences of the earlier Sonata to the dignified Sinfonia Melodica, possibly composed in the year of his death, this is Telemann at his best.

The Grand Mogul

Released 2019

The solo concerto emerged in Northern Italy in the first quarter of the 18th century and rapidly became popular across Europe. The five works here demonstrate how concertos for the flute differ in Germany, Italy and France. Outer movements usually retain the virtuosic elements that characterise the concertos of Vivaldi, but the Frenchman Michel Blavet infiltrates an exquisite Gavotte into his work, while Telemann’s superb melodies and rich harmonies are characteristic features of his Flute Concerto in D major. All five works exemplify the Baroque ideal of singing lyricism and passionate expression.

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The Versailles Revolution 

Released 2018

The Italian-born violinist and dancer Jean-Baptiste Lully revolutionised music at the French court in the 17th century (see The Lully Effect, 8.573867). not only did he transform ballet entertainments into a spectacular new genre, the tragédie lyrique, but he set new standards in orchestral playing—with him the ‘modern’ orchestra was born. The Suite from Roland exemplifies the majesty of his ouvertures, the beauty of his dance movements and the expressive depth of his chaconnes. Both Georg Muffat and Marin Marais were profoundly influenced by Lully, as their inventive suites show, and Muffat’s own preserved performance instructions have been closely followed on this recording.

The Lully Effect

Released 2018

This recording realizes Barthold Kuijken’s long-held desire to restore to Jean-Baptiste Lully, and to French Baroque orchestral works in general, the power and intensity that once held the musical world in thrall. To the grandeur, finesse and diversity of the genre he has brought original source material to inform specific bowing techniques and the use of ornamentation. The result, as with Telemann’s Suite in E minor, which stands firmly in the Lully tradition, and Rameau’s magnificent Suite from Dardanus, evokes the spectacle and splendor of Versailles. Barthold Kuijken is an eminent leader in the field of early music. A virtuoso traverse soloist, teacher and conductor, he has shaped the fields of historical flutes and historically informed performance over the last forty years. Kuijken has widely performed and recorded the repertoire for the Baroque flute and has collaborated with other early music specialists including his brothers Sigiswald and Wieland Kuijken, Frans Bruggen, Gustav Leonhardt, and Paul Dombrecht.

Watch us Work

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Violin Concerto in A Minor Op. 7, No. 5 | Vivace
Jean-Marie Leclair  |  May 2023

Concerto Grosso in G major Op. 6, No. 1 | Allegro
George Frideric Handel  |  May 2023

Flute Concerto in E Minor | Moderato quasi Andante
Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf  |  May 2023

Flute Concerto in E Minor | Adagio
Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf  |  February 2023

Symphony No. 1 in E Flat Major, KV 16  |  Molto Allegro 
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  |  February 2023

Violin Concerto in E Major, RV 270 | Adagio & Allegro/sempre sordino
Antonio Vivaldi  |  December 2022

Excerpt from Sonate IV | Six Sonates et un Caprice en Trio
Jacques Christophe Naudot  |  March 2022

Gagliarda-Allegro from Mensa Sonora Pars III in a minor
Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber  |  April 2021

Handel Messiah Reimagined  
December 2020

Sonata for Two Violins in E Minor  
Isabella Leonarda  |  October 2020

Musica Medicina Dolorum in COVID-19
A Message from Barthold Kuijken  |  April 2020

NAXOS interview with Barthold Kuijken

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